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History and Accommodations
Located conveniently between Metairie and beautiful City Park, the Lakeview neighborhood has responded especially well to the recent upturn in the local economy. This is due, no doubt, largely to its ideal location and the many new and skillfully renovated homes including many with larger oversized sizes lots.

The population of Lakeview increased dramatically after the end of WW2 as GIs were returning to their families, filling up the bungalow style structures that were so popular with middle-income families at the time. Many of these older homes have been replaced with new homes, condominium units, and other more modern accommodations. Of those original homes that remain, many have been extensively renovated and refitted with the type of modern amenities buyers would expect in a newer and higher-quality home.

Landmarks & Attractions
– City Park
Without a doubt one of Lakeview’s major attractions is the beautiful and historic City Park that runs along its border just to the East.  The residence of this neighborhood enjoying very convenient access to the 1,300+ acres of City Park.

This incredible public space is one of the nation’s oldest and most complete urban parks.  Along with the many ponds, streams and pathways this scenic beauty has to offer stands the crown jewel of the park which is the world’s largest grouping of mature live oak trees including a grand old oak that dates back to almost 800 years.  But don’t think the fun and excitement of City Park ends with nature watching, this breath taking oasis also offers an 18 hole golf course, art museum, amusement park, world class wedding and reception venues, and so much more!

– Equest Stables
This unique attraction offers full-service horseback riding facilities for hunters, horse jumpers, and equestrian enthusiasts of all kinds. Just 15 minutes from the downtown area, Equest Stables has 13 acres of horse stables and 40 horses. They offer lessons for riders of all skill levels as well as a host of other services including children’s birthday parties.

– Longue Vue House and Gardens
Just off Metairie road hidden behind rows of beautiful trees is the magnificent estate Longue Vue House and Gardens. Officially designated a National Historic Landmark, it is one of the last remaining genuine Country Era Place homes that are a hallmark of affluence in the early 1900s. Tours are available for those who wish to experience the splendor of this extraordinary slice of history.

These three examples are far from a complete list of the many marvelous landmarks and attractions of this area which is replete with stunning examples of American history, natural beauty, fine dining and art that make this region famous.

Access & Transportation
Lakeview has excellent access to New Orleans, Metairie and the Northshore.  In addition the Delgado Community College is also located here and Lakeview is also part of the New Orleans RTA Making access throughout the city of New Orleans very convenience.

Homes for Sale
Considering the high demand that exists for property in this one of a kind New Orleans neighborhood, there is typically a nice selection of homes available. Prices range from $200,000 and up with some truly stunning properties in the $500,000 range.

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