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Kenner’s advantageous location between the Mississippi River and Lake Pontchartrain has played a vital role in its development.  It has grown from the “Green Gold” farmlands of the late 1800s to the home of Louisiana’s largest international airport and the 6th largest city in the state.  Kenner is an eclectic blend of residential neighborhoods, a variety of businesses and space dedicated to the celebration of Kenner’s natural resources. Those looking for homes for sale in Kenner can select an area that focuses on what matters most to them without sacrificing a great location close to the city.

Louis Armstrong International Airport

Louis Armstrong International Airport, formerly known as Moisant Field, began commercial service in the mid-20th century and as a result, Kenner’s population quickly doubled.  The population’s steady increase continued into the early 50s when Kenner achieved “city” status.  There have been rumblings from time to time of moving the airport out of Kenner to less dense areas like New Orleans East or Montz; but New Orleanians have held strong that improvements were all that were needed and Kenner continues to be the first slice of New Orleans visitors see when touching down for a holiday.  Many young professionals that frequently travel have requested showings of homes for sale in Kenner to ensure smoother travel to and from the airport.

Pontchartrain Convention & Civic Center

Once feet are planted firmly on the ground there are plenty of activities to enjoy only minutes away from the airport. If in town for a convention, the Pontchartrain Convention and Civic Center maybe your destination. The Pontchartrain Center hosts many events throughout the year including: Mardi Gras Balls; Expos; sporting events; and more. Its location on Lake Pontchartrain and spacious accommodations create an ideal setting for local and international customers.

Laketown & Rivertown

Rivertown is a great place for children to learn and play nestled near the border of River Ridge and Kenner. This magical street includes 2 theaters, a park, planetarium and a space/science complex. The theaters host well known comedians and grand stage productions that cater to a younger crowd. Heritage Park features beautiful landscaping, peaceful ponds and the opportunity to sit and reflect on a simpler time when blacksmith shops and ice houses could be found nearby. These replicas of yesteryear even include St. Mary’s Church, the first Catholic Church in Kenner. Visitors can catch a laser light show or astronomy lesson in Rivertown’s Planetarium & Megadome. The Science Center gives kids the opportunity to learn about weather patterns through many interactive exhibits and even try their hand at weather forecasting in front of a green screen. The Space Station demonstrates a day in the life of astronauts aboard a space station and one of its out of this world exhibits even includes a robot!

Laketown lies along the shores of beautiful Lake Pontchartrain and allows for boat launching and freshwater fishing. If visitors prefer to spend their time on land, Coconut Beach Volleyball courts are a sandy way to get some exercise and bragging rights among friends. Visitors yearning to try their luck can head over to the Treasure Chest Casino, a flashy floating river boat casino featuring 3 stories of playing tables and slots, as well a generous buffet. Rivertown and Laketown offer great educational and outdoor activities for kids and many families decide to look for homes for sale in Kenner, rather than other suburban neighborhoods thanks to these quality attractions.

Homes for Sale in Kenner

Kenner may be thought of as just another suburb; but its great location, and ample green space and water access has been welcoming visitors to the city with open arms for years. Kenner continues to make a wonderful first impression and offer all of the conveniences a visitor and a resident look for in a great place to stop and spend some time. Buyers looking for homes for sale in Kenner often find larger homes and yards, and quick access to all corners of the metro area.

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