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Irish Channel

It is commonly believed this area gained its name due to the large number of Irish immigrants who populated the area in the early 19th century.  Irish Channel features many small cottages and shotgun houses similar to what one would find in older New Orleans neighborhoods.  Its prime location between Uptown and the Garden District has transformed the Irish Channel from a haven for struggling immigrants to highly sought after real estate.  Its central location along the Mississippi River and its eclectic and loyal residents have attracted businesses to the small neighborhood as well.  Homes for sale in the Irish Channel tend to be a bit smaller than the Garden District or Uptown; but the narrow lots and charming cottages create a tight knit community and neighbors that become family.
As one might expect, it is home to quite a few pubs; but a rivalry brews in the Irish Channel and many drinkers have chosen a side.

The Rivalry

Parasol’s Bar & Restaurant, 2533 Constance St, and Tracey’s, 2604 Magazine St, are only about a block away from each other.  This proximity has fueled the pubs’ long battle for roast beef po-boy supremacy and bragging rights as the best Irish pub in The Channel. They were established within 3 years of each other and display great pride in their Irish roots.  This pride is most apparent on St. Patrick’s Day, when both bars are absolutely bursting at the seams with patrons.

Both boast of  legendary block parties that last well into the night, for St. Patty’s Day, but the chaos and enormity of both celebrations leave it completely indistinguishable which party reigns supreme. The celebrations are just as any good Irish bash should be-  loud, messy and spilling into the streets for miles.  A parade also rolls down the street nearby ensuring there will be no lack of green beer, cabbage and kisses in the Irish Channel on this most ‘sacred’ holiday.  Both establishments have a legion of loyal patrons who wouldn’t dream of frequenting their beloved bar’s rival and will quickly set a visitor straight as to why their bar is the better of the two.
It is difficult to say which pub is the city favorite, so for experimental purposes it is suggested folks eat, drink and be merry at both pubs until conclusive evidence can be secured.  Testers at either location have yet to complain.

Home Brew

If some local brews are what you’re after, a stop at NOLA Brewing can satisfy that desire for interesting and delicious hoppy creations.  NOLA Brewing features everything a microbrew connoisseur could want from crisp golden blonde ales, to smokey renditions of German Rauchbier.  They have recently added stages for musical acts and even finger-licking-good barbecue to the repertoire, as if patrons needed any more reason to pop in and sample this season’s must have brews.  Homes for sale in the Irish Channel may be dangerously close to this incredible brewery, so be prepared to host jealous visitors often.

Home for Sale in the Irish Channel

The Irish Channel is a great little New Orleans neighborhood that seems to only get better with time.  The historic charm and boutique shops attract young buyers to the channel, and the generations of well-established channel residents ride the wave of improvement as more and more becomes accessible within walking distance.  The distinctive character of the Irish Channel has given noticeable personality to the homes for sale in the area and many buyers are attracted to its unique spirit.

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