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Garden District

The Garden District offers some of the most coveted real estate in the city.  It was named for the lush gardens that surrounded its earliest 19th century mansions; which were purposely plotted very far apart to allow for this expansive natural beauty.  As the area became more and more populated the land was subdivided and more homes were added to each block.  This provided even greater variation to the architectural styles that can be found in today’s Garden District.  Homes for sale in the Garden District boast this impressive variety and jaw dropping grandeur that is very hard to find in such concentration elsewhere in the city.

The area has been named a National Historic Landmark and is greatly protected by the city.  The streetcar runs down the middle of St. Charles Avenue, the northernmost boundary of the Garden District, so traveling to its many shops and eateries is simple and enjoyable.  A ride down a St. Charles streetcar is an attraction all its own.  Many photographers enjoy admiring each home from the old wooden seats of the streetcar, which stops often enough to quickly capture a photo of these amazing homes and landmarks.  Many believe homes for sale in the Garden District are only for a lucky few.  On the contrary, many buyers have made their dreams come true and purchased a little piece of history to call their own.

The Garden District has a variety of shops and restaurants to explore.  The most famous of which is Commander’s Palace.  Commander’s Palace is consistently voted one of the top restaurants in the city and is housed in a historic, brightly colored blue building.  The staff don bowties and cleanly pressed shirts; the building’s interior is stately and lavish.  Beautiful chandeliers light up each room and ornate sculptures and molding make patrons feel as though they have stepped into a Southern time warp.  The cuisine adheres to time honored cooking traditions and offers each visitor a taste of true decadent Creole food.
The Garden District also features the city’s oldest operating movie theater, The Prytania Theater.  It is still a single screen theater, although the sound and picture have been upgraded to meet the latest industry standards.  It features a little coffee shop and ice cream parlor, and the walls are lined with photos of theaters that were lost long ago.  Its charm and cozy seating remind patrons of what an event attending the movies can still be.  These two landmarks exemplify the Garden District’s celebration of the past and it’s yearning to travel back to this idealistic time.  Many step inside homes for sale in the Garden District and can’t help but reminisce, and it is said they know instantly which historic home speaks to them.

Homes for Sale in the Garden District

The Garden District is home to some of New Orleans’ most famous residents; but locals are more focused on preserving these irreplaceable homes and maintaining the integrity of this unique neighborhood.  As the world changes around it, the Garden District reminds us of our roots and the many European influences that have shaped the history of our city as the years have passed.

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